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Oct 4, 2012 11:30am PDT
would grow in this environment in order for tohoku to become "the rice bowl of japan." so we really see a huge intervention by people-- science and technology-- in order to... for this particular region to become the rice bowl that it is now. narrator: by mid-may, the long winter has finally ended and it is time to plant. kobayashi fukuzo is a farmer of recognized skill. at 71, he knows how unforgiving the weather can be. he worries constantly about what he should do mechanized agriculture allows to anto continue to farm.rice. the fields are irrigated. irrigation is crucial. the rice seedlings depend on water, rather than soil, for much-needed nutrients. rice farmers in northeastern japan have a traditional enemy. called yamase, this cold wind can blow through the region anytime from june to mid-august. while it can be absent for years, in 1993, yamase caused extensive crop damage in tohoku. when the cold winds blow, temperatures drop, fog develops, and the plants don't get enough sunlight. stunted alks are a bad omen. thflower clusters, which precede the grains of rice should be mu
Sep 27, 2012 7:30pm PDT
spiritual environment. >> we have 23 different countries represented in the student body and 44 states currently, and i think that right now we're having an increase of students again. we had our largest beginning event ever, which was 700 people recently. and right now we're having an event where there's about 1,800 people. altogether, there's about 3,000 - plus students in the world, and they come from all over. >> now i promised julie - you have a question? >> as kind of an analogy, i remember when i was in my youth, reading about helen keller quite a bit, and it just seemed so natural that there's so much inside people that they don't use. if you could imagine being blind and deaf from day one of your life and learning what she learned, and she was such a lesson to everyone that we all have potential - we have so much. >> well, there's a great singer right now - what's his name? the tenor. >> oh, yeah. >> oh, andrea - >> he was blind - he became blind, and instead of becoming a victim and saying that, "my life is over, why don't i just can it," he not only got a law degree, but the
Sep 27, 2012 11:30am PDT
cultural milieu, a cultural environment where they feel quite comfortable. sohe idea ofative place, where someone originated from is a very, very powerful current in chinese culture even today. narrator: so here, local factors such as its location relative to hong kong, cultural and ethnic links throughout the region and a history of stable trade relations all contribute to guangng's rapid economic growth in recent decades. but just as important are the global forces exerted by the spread of global production systems. the pattern of development for global production facilities has been shaped by the drive for cheap labor. man: the diusion from japan to south korea to taiwan and then subsequently to other parts of southeast asia is driven by seeking low-we labor. narrator: and the search for inexpensive labor has led companies like nike to china. comparedith ny parts of the wor such as america, europe or japan, comparedith ny parts du nenji earns little-- the equivalent of just 80 u.s. dollars a month. however, by chinese standards, he and his fellow workers earn a healthy wage. the change
Sep 26, 2012 7:30pm PDT
into an environment, and part of me just sort of - do you really want to do that? is that struggle for the legal tender really worth that? i mean, you have to be in some kind of environment that allows you to feel a sense of peace. i read a wonderful book on buddhism called, full catastrophe living. i can't think of the guy's name who wrote it, but it was about the thing that yes, in anything, in a nursing home, in the stock market, if you have the right mind set, you can do it, but make sure you do it, so right living becomes another key. then, the next step is more or less like the buddhist ten commandments - sometimes it's - you really shodn't mix religions in that way, but it's the ethical path. and here we have some - actually, it picks up on some of the ten commandments themselves, so i guess we could use it - not lying, not cheating, not stealing... they say chastity, but we can get back to that one later - i think they're talking about moderation there. and in other words - let me give you a modern spin on that, just real quickly, on those kinds of things. if you think of not s
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4